The new England Journal of medicine

The new England Journal of medicine

COVID-19 could cause long-term cognitive and memory impacts

Cognitive and memory outcomes post COVID-19 within a large community cohort.

Skin disinfectant choice impacts surgery infection risk

Antisepsis importance in extremity fracture surgery.

Common arthritis drug suppress the progression of type 1 diabetes

World-first research offers new hope for type 1 diabetes.

Promising phase II Results: New SCLC immunotherapy

Advancing care: Tarlatamab in previously treated SCLC.

Groundbreaking discovery for neglected rheumatic disorder

Using sarilumab in glucocorticoid taper for polymyalgia rheumatica.

Advancements in aggressive prostate cancer therapy

Enzalutamide improves recurrent prostate cancer prognosis.

Thymus gland plays critical role in adult health, study finds

Thymus removal may harm your long-term health.

Scrambler therapy can relieve chronic pain

Scrambler therapy is a noninvasive pain treatment.

Osimertinib improves survival after surgery for non-small cell lung cancer

Osimertinib improves survival and reduces recurrence in non-small cell lung cancer.

Ketamine has proved itself as a rapid-acting and effective treatment for depression

Scientists discovered positive effects of intravenous ketamine for treatment-resistant depression.

Adding meds to an antidepressant may help older adults with treatment-resistant depression

For some patients, two different medications are better than antidepressants alone.

This drug reduces up to 20% weight in individuals with obesity

About nine out of 10 individuals with obesity lost weight.

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