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Old stars may be best place for finding alien neighbors

Astronomers peeked into a star's magnetic secrets.

Chandra and Webb combine to solve the mystery of the “Green Monster”

The Green Monster was first spotted in Webb data in April 2023.

Webb’s study shows rocky planets form in harsh conditions

These are the first results from the eXtreme UV Environments (XUE) James Webb Space Telescope programme.

Webb discovered disappearing neon around newborn star

Webb follows neon signs toward new thinking on planet formation.

Webb made a breakthrough discovery in revealing how planets form

NASA’s Webb findings support long-proposed process of planet formation.

Webb discovered the second-most distant galaxy

Follow-up observations in Pandora’s cluster confirmed the second- and fourth-most distant galaxies ever seen.

A new perspective on the strong magnetic fields of a supermassive black hole

The results describe for the first time how light from the edge of the supermassive black hole M87* spirals.

NASA’s telescopes seen the most distant black hole yet

A record-breaking black hole.

Bursts of star formation explain mysterious brightness at cosmic dawn

Intense flashes of light, not mass, resolve the puzzle of impossible brightness.

Methane, Carbon Dioxide in K2-18 b’s Atmosphere: A Discovery by JWST

A new investigation by an international team of astronomers using data from the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope into K2-18 b, an exoplanet 8.6...

Astronomers discovered a rare system containing two long-period planets

The frosty gas giant was discovered in a system that also hosts a warm Jupiter.

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