Science Translational Medicine

Noninvasive chemobrain therapy

Gamma entrainment alleviates chemo-induced cognitive decline.

New imaging reveals brain’s hidden cells

Advancements in immunostaining for brain nanostructures.

Fast antidepressants and positive neuropsychological effects

Antidepressants swiftly alter emotional bias in rats, a new study shows.

A fundamental mechanism that controls the body’s response to limited oxygen

A shared genetic trait that could predict a higher risk of small lung vessel disease.

The cause of lower back pain

Cedars-Sinai study links back pain to specific spinal cells.

RNA fragment’s promise in atherosclerosis therapy

Targeting microRNA repressors reduces atherosclerosis in mice.

Stanford study boosts aging mice with nerve-muscle restoration

Blocking 15-PGDH gerozyme for nerve-muscle regeneration.

MRSA and superbugs face defeat with unique vaccine

Protein-free vaccine boosts innate immunity and guards against hospital infections.

Protein-causing liver damage could be a new focus for treatment

The role of CYR61 in liver damage and NASH Fibrosis.

Enhancing CAR T cells for blood cancer treatment

Epitope editing for universal blood cancer immunotherapy.

An inhalable COVID vaccine that successfully protects against the virus

A study shows that a shot is not necessary for providing protection.

Discovery of a new therapeutic target for ARDS

Rejuvenating blood vessels: The role of endothelial FoxM1 in healing lungs.

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