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3D printed gripper that works without electronics

3D printing soft robots with embedded fluidic control.

New 3D-printed soft robotic gripper functions without electronics

The device is printed all in one go and can pick and release objects

Team of legged robots to explore challenging lunar surfaces

Legged robots like our ANYmal cope well in rocky and steep terrain.

An ingestible “electroceutical” capsule increases hunger-regulating hormone levels

Boosting hormone production in stomach can help reduce nausea & appetite loss.

A new way to sensorize soft robots and wearables

Many soft robotic systems require integrated sensors that can extend and accommodate along surface contours. Over the last decade, composite materials made using polymer...

The Most Advanced Humanoid Robot yet

A group of analysts at the University of Tokyo has made what has all the earmarks of being the most advanced humanoid robot yet—really...

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