Science Advances

Positive side of suppressing negative thoughts in mental health

Enhancing mental health through thought suppression training.

Rutgers Scientists invent deadly disease detection tool

Rapid pathogen quantification: A digital assay using DNA nanoballs.

A key ingredient found for many quantum computation and communication

A linear path to efficient quantum technologies.

How do trees influence cloud formation?

This finding could reduce uncertainties in climate models and help make more accurate predictions.

Warming temperatures increase groundwater depletion rates in India

India's groundwater depletion rates could triple in the coming decades due to the warming climate.

High-performance memory devices inspired by the human brain

A proton-driven approach that enables multiple ferroelectric phase transitions.

New discovery could change our understanding of the universe

How a cup of water can unlock the secrets of our Universe?

Successful phase I trial: Cornea repair using patient’s stem cells

Clinical evaluation of safety and feasibility of CALEC transplantation.

Objects with similar sounds are easier to remember

Why are overlapping sounds easier to remember?

Scientists discovered for the first time how the ALS gene destabilizes neuron structure

How mutation in brain cell leads to ALS and offers path for drugs?

Drops of seawater contain traces of an ancient world

Seawater's chemical composition is linked to volcanic activity and climate change.

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