Plos Computational Biology

Pathogens that escape from melting permafrost damage microbial communities

Digital simulation suggests small percentage of pathogens could cause significant ecological damage.

Domestic cats’ noses function similarly to parallel coiled gas chromatographs

Parallels between cat noses and gas chromatography provide new insights into mammalian evolution.

Illusions are in the eye, not the mind- study

Numerous visual illusions are caused by limits in the way our eyes and visual neurones work.

New model to help physicians tailor the protocols used for ovarian stimulation

Personalized prediction of the secondary oocyte number after ovarian stimulation.

Model suggests lowering hormone doses in contraceptives

Toward an optimal contraception dosing strategy.

How the body regulates potassium?

The mathematical model conceptualizes the relationship between kidneys and muscles.

Research examines how individuals manage unwanted thoughts

While thinking an unwanted thought could make it more likely to recur, we can proactively control this.

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