Physical Review D

Gravitational lensing has a significant effect on cosmic birefringence

A discovery of cosmic birefringence could lead the way to revealing the nature of dark matter and dark energy.

Gravitational waves may reveal the nature of dark matter

Observations of gravitational waves from merging black holes may reveal new insights about dark matter.

Calculations reveal high-resolution view of quarks inside protons

Theorists predict differential distribution of 'up' and 'down' quarks within protons.

Quantum ‘magic’ could explain how space and time emerged

Physicists relate the quantum property of ‘magic’ to the chaotic nature of black holes for the first time.

The most accurate map of all the matter in the Universe

The analysis combines Dark Energy Survey, and South Pole Telescope data to understand evolution of universe.

Physicists find signs of pentaquark states and new matter

They examined a heavy particle that decays to lighter particles.

An intelligent alien civilization could beam quantum messages to Earth

A new study finds that quantum signals could travel over interstellar distances.

New formula for calculating Hawking radiation at the event horizon of a black hole

Testing the accuracy of different versions of the quantum gravity theory.

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