Enhanced arterial connections help in stroke recovery

Leptomeningeal collaterals control blood flow in ischemic strokes and save the brain from ineffective clot removal.

Link found between Cholesterol and Alzheimer’s-like brain damage in mice

Targeting cholesterol potentially could help treat Alzheimer’s, related dementias.

Scientists built the first-ever map of a worm’s nervous system

Showing how every single neuron in the nervous system of a tiny worm communicates wirelessly.

Depression relief possible after just one sleepless night

Dopamine and mood changes due to sleep loss.

Unexpected ties: Sleep, brain insulation, and neurodegeneration

BMAL1 loss in oligodendroglia impacts myelination and sleep.

Pre-birth onset of fragile X syndrome unveiled

Key role of FMRP in species-specific prenatal cortex development.

Study find evidence that Parkinson’s starts in the gut

Autoimmune reaction can lead to what appears to be the early stages of Parkinson’s.

Brain waves may hold the key to improving memory

How theta oscillations help us to remember?

The scale of disorder underpinning motor neuron disease

Researchers reveal incorrect protein and mRNA location in ALS-affected nerve cells.

How chronic stress drives the brain to crave comfort food?

Stress can override natural satiety cues to drive more food intake and boost cravings for sweets.

How the brain’s recycling system breaks down in Parkinson’s Disease?

The discovery could change the focus of Parkinson’s Disease treatment.

Study reveals how motivation influences the neural circuits of perception

Too much motivation affects our decision-making.

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