Thursday, March 23, 2023

Nature Photonics

Boosting the color brilliance of OLEDs through a fundamental physical concept

New research has shown that a strong coupling of light and material increases the color brilliance of OLED displays.

High-performance detectors with unprecedented performance to combat spies

A new perspective for quantum cryptography.

Scientists developed the first chip-scale titanium-doped sapphire laser

It provides the widest gain spectrum yet seen on a chip.

New laser lightning rod to deflect lightning over several dozen meters

This experimental breakthrough will lead to progress in lightning protection and lightning physics.

An on-chip photon-counting device to advance quantum technology

The first realization of an on-chip photon-number-resolving (PNR) detector.

New device can control light at unprecedented speeds

Scientists have developed a programmable optical device for high-speed beam steering.

Light can appear undistorted while traveling through a distorted medium

Light gets distorted if you pass light through an imperfect medium, such as the atmosphere. For instance, the shimmering mirage effect near hot roads...

A new kind of microcomb on a chip could help discover exoplanets and detect diseases

Bringing advanced applications closer to reality.

A unique process for producing a light-matter mixture

The research could also have an impact on increasing efficiency of nanoscale chemical reactions.

A high-power, portable terahertz laser

The instrument could bring powerful sensing and imaging capabilities out of the lab and into hospitals, airports, or other settings.

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