Nature Chemical Biology

New plant protein fold discovery offers hope for anti-cancer drugs

Intramolecular macrocyclase identified in plant peptide biosynthesis.

Innovative approach reveals protein drug targets

Enhanced mapping of small-molecule interactions within cells.

New insights into metabolites that control aging and disease

Deciphering molecular mysteries.

Peptides target key enzymes in bacterial biofilms

Peptide disrupts biofilm formation by targeting a key enzyme.

Novel antibiotics found in fruit flies

Peptide from fruit flies blocks bacterial protein synthesis.

Using AI, scientists identified a new antibiotic combatting drug-resistant infections

The machine-learning algorithm identified a compound that kills Acinetobacter baumannii.

A breakthrough for next-generation cancer treatment

A step closer to creating a new generation of light-activated cancer treatments.

Study unveils more than a million new cyclic compounds, some with pharmaceutical potential

Researchers say they can now produce a vast library of unique cyclic compounds, some with the capacity to interrupt specific protein-protein interactions that play...

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