JGR Planets

JGR Planets

Jupiter’s Moon Io has been volcanically active for 4.5 billion years

Jupiter's moon Io is the most volcanically active place in the solar system.

A new study characterizes regular moonquakes

The lunar alarm clock!

Earth’s most ancient impact craters are disappearing

Earth's earliest history still holds mysteries for geologists, and ancient craters could offer some answers.

JWST reveals new secrets of Jupiter’s moons in a new light

James Webb Space Telescope sees Jupiter moons in a new light.

Measuring and mapping the abundance of chromium across Mercury’s surface

This is the first time that chromium has been directly detected and mapped across any planetary surface.

Simple hand magnets erase a meteorite’s magnetic memory

A new study shows that simple hand magnets erase a meteorite’s magnetic memory.

A ‘comprehensive’ map of volcanoes on Venus

Most comprehensive map of all volcanic edifices on Venus ever compiled.

The rotation of Europa’s icy crust may be affected by ocean currents

New explanation for how the icy shell of Jupiter’s moon Europa rotates at a different rate than its interior.

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