JAMA Psychiatry

Study reveals broader impact of childhood adversity

Childhood adversity linked to adult mental health issues.

Autistic women are particularly vulnerable to mental illness

These findings highlight the need for profound mental health services among autistic young adults.

Distress before COVID-19 infection raises the chance of long COVID by 45%

Psychological, not physical, factors are linked to long COVID.

Brain scans can predict children’s mental health problems

Scans of brain activity in seven-year-olds are helping Northeastern researchers predict symptoms of depression, anxiety, and attentional problems in teenagers.

Kindergarten conduct linked to earning power as an adult

How you behave in kindergarten may affect your future earnings as an adult.

Lithium treatment for bipolar disorder lowers the risk of rehospitalisation

Bipolar disorder is known by alternating periods of depression and elevated mood (mania), and is usually treated either with mood stabilizing or antipsychotic drugs....

Study says, postnatal depression impacts children’s development

Researchers from the Universities of Oxford and Bristol discovered postnatal depression perilous to children’s advancement, impacting a range of domains. Postnatal depression, which perseveres more...

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