JAMA Neurology

Larger human brains offer a protective effect against dementia

Intracranial and cerebral volume trends in Framingham Heart Study.

Stroke patients post-surgery are less likely to receive life-saving treatments

Acute ischemic stroke treatment post-cardiac interventions.

Brain hemorrhage treatment improves survival chances

Anticoagulation impact on intracerebral hemorrhage outcomes.

Study identifies a wide range of risk factors for young-onset dementia

The groundwork for new prevention strategies.

Is depression a predictor or risk factor for Dementia?

Depression across life stages and Dementia in Denmark.

Exposure to TCE may raise your risk for Parkinson’s, study

First large-scale study to demonstrate its association with Parkinson’s.

Lowering blood pressure reduces brain bleeding in strokes

Hypertension is the strongest risk factor for spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) involving deep brain regions, but it appears to be unknown if intensive blood...

New technique fine-tunes treatment for severe epilepsy cases

Almost one out of three patients encounter no alleviation from drugs and are a possibility for a medical procedure. Scientists at Yale University now use a...

Scientists discovered lifestyle changes prevent cognitive decline even in genetically susceptible individuals

The upgraded way of life advising averts intellectual decrease even in individuals who are transporters of the APOE4 quality, a typical hazard factor of...

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