Sunday, May 28, 2023


New study reveals motor proteins as drivers of Neuron displacement

Neuron movements are caused by the push and pull of motor proteins.

Google researchers developed an aging clock using deep learning on retinal images

Deep learning models can accurately predict biological age.

Mild fever helps clear infections faster, study

Waiting before reaching for medications may be beneficial for humans.

Bacteria in the mouth may increase the risk of heart disease

Another potential risk factor physicians might screen for to identify individuals at risk of heart disease.

Study reveals how humans lost their body hair

Here today, gone tomorrow: how humans lost their body hair?

Scientists identified the regulation mechanism of calcium channels

A new clue to the development of substances for treating mental and neurological diseases.

Childhood BMI has limited effects on mood and behavioral disorders

Child body weight is unlikely to have a big impact on children's mood or behavioural disorders.

The most detailed map ever of the brain’s memory hub

Fewer links were uncovered to frontal lobes, but more to visual networks.

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