New antibiotic targets drug-resistant bacteria

New antibiotic targets immutable bacterial structure.

Virus parasites make superbugs even more deadly

Piggybacking lateral transduction enables dual pathogenicity island transfer.

The gut-brain connection

The colon-brain axis.

T-cell treatment is improved by vaccination

A novel approach could allow modified T cells to destroy solid tumors.

The motors of cephalopods respond to changes in water temperature

RNA recoding is used by squid to modify proteins for colder water.

How do plants fight major root diseases?

The study uncovers novel mechanisms underlying plant immunity.

Researchers Discover an Ancient Method for Repairing Wounds

Tissue injury repair is independent of host-pathogen defense.

Crucial link found between the immune system and the development of acquired hydrocephalus

These findings shed fresh light on interactions between the brain and the peripheral immune system.

Enhancing the body’s antiviral immune response to fight aging

Harnessing the immune response to this protein could have multiple health benefits during aging.

Plants emit sounds, especially when they are stressed

Tel Aviv University researchers recorded and analyzed plant sounds.

Studies point the way to broadly effective treatments for ALS

The discovery could represent another effective strategy for treating many different forms of ALS.

A new way of sharing genetic information found in a common ocean microbe

The findings describe a new class of genetic agents involved in horizontal gene transfer.

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