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How do the different brain regions talk to each other?

When we see what others do, our brain sees not what we see, but what we expect.

Chip detects lung cancer treatment efficacy from blood draw

Circulating tumor cells predict progression in stage III NSCLC patients.

The keto diet helps prevent seizures; scientists are figuring out how

Keto diet alters gut microbiome, boosts seizure resistance in mice.

Keto diet shields against seizures, scientists exploring mechanism

Pediatric epilepsy: Keto diet changes gut microbiome, imparts mouse seizure resistance.

A novel molecular link between vitamin B12 and Multiple sclerosis

Findings identify molecular signaling pathway that could enhance current MS treatments.

Ketamine can alter the brain’s dopamine system, study

A deeper brain-wide perspective of how ketamine functions.

Restoring nerve cells: Healing after injury and in chronic disease

Mitf, a Schwann cell sensor of axonal integrity, drives nerve repair.

Your body’s cannabinoids calm you during stress

Endocannabinoids regulate stress-induced behavioral adaptation.

Brain region identified as key to conscious experience

Different brain regions involved in sustained conscious visual perception.

Cancer cells penetrate deeply into their environment

Cancer cells have extraordinary abilities that healthy cells do not.

A new circuit model provides new insights into brain function

A groundbreaking computational model of the thalamic microcircuit in the mouse brain.

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