Preventing post-COVID ‘Brain Fog’ by targeting blood vessel

Wnt7a ligands restore blood-brain barrier & cognition in COVID-19 mice.

Protein clumps can cause brain diseases

Prion protein cross-seeding deactivates TDP-43.

Molecular insights into uncommon neuro conditions in kids

ACBD6 variants linked to neurodevelopment syndrome with movement disorders.

Scientists learn how changes in a language gene result in speech problems

Human speech and language are among the most complex motor and cognitive abilities. The discovery of a mutation in the transcription factor FOXP2 in...

New blood test could detect Alzheimer’s disease 3.5 years before clinical diagnosis

The study supports the idea that components in the human blood can modulate the formation of new brain cells.

This protein could be a possible biomarker for the very early stages of Alzheimer’s

Blood-based markers may reveal Alzheimer's disease ten years before symptoms show.

Playing video games enhances brain activity, decision making

Video games could be a useful tool for training in perceptual decision-making.

A novel form of Alzheimer’s protein discovered

Discovery could lead to better diagnostics, speed efforts to find treatment.

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