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Webb captures stunning infrared images of the Horsehead Nebula

The sharpest infrared images to date of one of the most distinctive objects in our skies.

Astronomers discover 1031 Uncatalogued Asteroids

The team used the help of "citizen scientists" worldwide, who contributed to identifying this asteroid bounty. Professional scientists then combined the volunteers’ efforts with...

Astronomers Discover Most Massive Stellar Black Hole in Our Galaxy

A discovery by astronomers from the European Space Agency’s Gaia mission has revealed the most massive stellar black hole ever found in the Milky...

Webb discovered Ethanol and other icy ingredients around two protostars

Newfound carbon-containing molecules are key ingredients.

Study suggests that the earth may have once been flat

Did young planets just get smartie-er?

Astronomers figured out how to measure the speed of dark matter

Lopsided galaxies shed light on the speed of dark matter.

Almost invisible dwarf galaxy challenges the dark matter model

The largest and most diffuse galaxy known.

Astronomers detected three iron rings in a planet-forming disk

A three-ringed structure in the nursery of planets.

A giant and extremely faint stream of stars spotted between galaxies

This line is ten times as long as our Milky Way.

Webb and Hubble united to create the most colorful view of the universe

The result: a vivid landscape of galaxies along with more than a dozen newly found time-varying objects.

Black hole mass measured from its motion

A truly astounding mass concentration!

Shooting stars discovered on the Sun’s corona

A never-before-seen ‘falling star’-type phenomena revealed.

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