ACS Nano

A new property of light discovered

Photon momentum discovery unlocks novel, silicon-based optoelectronic capabilities.

Neutrons can bind to quantum dots, study

MIT scientists discovered “neutronic” molecules.

This water-purifying cup can remove 99.9% of pathogens in creek water

This innovation can lead to commercially available point-of-use devices for cleaning water.

Ligand-nanocrystal interactions under visible light irradiation

Researchers demonstrate light-induced quasi-reversible displacement of ligands in organic-inorganic nanocrystals.

A touch-responsive fabric armband for flexible keyboards and sketchpads

Iontronic Touch Panel for Virtual-Real Handwriting Interaction.

A new mRNA treatment could completely cure a peanut allergy

It could provide a platform to fight other allergies, and autoimmune disorders.

An enhanced rate-performance and stability high-capacity Li-metal battery

Improved Li deposition/dissolution efficiency under high-rate testing conditions.

Study unveils how the process of wound healing begins

Using 3D mapping, scientists uncover a process that has stymied mechanobiology.

New technology can cure baldness

A very practical solution to hair regeneration.

A new approach to liquid-repelling surfaces

Omniphobic surfaces could be used in everything from ship hulls that reduce drag and increase efficiency to coverings that resist stains and protect against damaging...

Atomically thin nanowires convert heat to electricity more efficiently

In new research by the University of Warwick, scientists have developed a new way of generating sustainable energy. They have developed one-dimensional nanoscale materials that are...

Scientists develop transparent patch to detect dangerous food threats

McMaster scientists have built up a test to convey conviction to the fragile however basic inquiry of whether meat and different sustenances are protected...

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