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Planets in pristine solar systems also have some orbital tilt

The discovery provides valuable information about early solar system development.

Evaporating planet getting the hiccups, sees Hubble

A young planet whirling around a petulant red dwarf star is changing in unpredictable ways orbit-by-orbit.

A new study has revealed the true shape of the Milky Way’s halo of stars

The tilt in our stars.

Astronomers observed an unusual Jupiter-like planet orbiting a cool red dwarf star

'Marshmallow' World Orbiting a Cool Red Dwarf Star

Dozens of newly discovered gravitational lenses could reveal ancient galaxies and the nature of dark matter

Thousands more potential lenses await assessment.

Astronomers discovered an exoplanet that could be covered entirely in water

An extrasolar world covered in water?

A giant, scorching-hot planet discovered orbiting Vega

Astronomers unearthed a curious signal that could be the star’s first-known world.

The largest collection of sharp, detailed images of debris disks around young stars

Astronomers recently released the most extensive collection of sharp, detailed images of debris disks around young stars. A precision instrument took the images, the...

Incredibly rare new Super-Earth planet discovered

Astronomers at the University of Canterbury (UC) have discovered new ‘one in a million’ Super-Earth planet towards the center of the galaxy. The planet...

Planets as fluffy as cotton candy

Behold the super-puffs.

Citizen scientist just discovered a planet twice the size of earth

A research team that included a UChicago graduate student has discovered a planet that is estimated to be twice the size of earth. The planet...

A New Approach for Detecting Planets in the Alpha Centauri System

Yale astronomers have taken a fresh look at the nearby Alpha Centauri system and discovered better approaches to limit the look for livable planets...

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