Scientific Reports

Fiber-optic cables as earthquake sensors

Early warning systems at low cost.

AI automatically detects methane plumes from space

A powerful tool in combating climate change.

Stunning discovery: How Syllid worms form reproductive stolons?

The surprising world of stolonization in worms.

Self-awareness in babies at four months – research findings

4-month-olds' sensory processing affected by approaching visual objects.

Testing a breakthrough material for dry mouth conditions

Comparing a new hydrogel lubricant with commercial saliva substitutes.

Concentrated biosignatures in a prehistoric Martian mud lake

A landmark discovery!

Scientists observed cosmic-ray extensive air showers with unprecedented precision

“A new lens” into the Universe’s most energetic particles.

A method for better 3D modeling of complex cancers

Scientists combining bioprinting with synthetic chips to understand tumors in 3D.

Lack of sleep can harm your blood vessels

Reduced sleep boosts oxidative stress in female endothelial cells.

A new phase of high-density, ultra-hot water ice discovered

This phase could form at the right depths.

Night shift survival: Ideal nap strategy for new parents and workers

The impact of short and long naps on alertness and performance: A reanalysis.

Boosting cognitive arousal and performance with everyday pleasure

Using wearable devices to control how your brain thinks by listening, tasting, and smelling.

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