Plants consuming less water due to climate change

Global Plant water efficiency stalled due to climate change.

New research solves the mystery of “earthquakes” or “tremors” cause

The process of extracting oil causes tremors.

Tropical trees rely on social distancing to preserve biodiversity

A key characteristic of the spatial distribution of adult trees.

Study shows an unexpected role for the immune regulator

STING protein activates cell defense genes and controls immune responses.

A simple and accessible method improves the structure of drug potency

An unidentified chemical procedure provides a safer and practical cyclopropanes.

The Biden program might keep the racial difference in air quality

Effects on disparities should be measured through air quality policies.

Scientists identified the genes that shape our skeletons

The work provides a road map connecting specific genes with skeletal lengths of different parts of the body.

Immune systems develop silver bullet defenses against bacteria

Immune systems produce genes to combat common bacteria in food.

A new tool to study protein production in cells

A new technique reveals where proteins are made in cells.

Cancer cells with extra chromosomes need them to grow tumors

Specific chromosome gains are essential for tumor growth.

Expansion microscopy unlocks genome secrets in cells

Chromatin expansion microscopy reveals nanoscale transcription and chromatin organization.

First snapshots of fermion pairs

JILA physicists make record-breaking measurement of a key electron property.

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