COVID-19 vulnerability tied to past infections and vaccination

Mapping antigenic connections in SARS-CoV-2 and serological reactions.

Study confirms the age of oldest human footprints found

New research reaffirms that human footprints found in White Sands National Park.

Restoring walking in paralyzed mice with regenerated neurons

Walking recovery after paralysis through neuron regeneration.

Fiber from crustaceans, insects, and mushrooms aids digestion

A stomach immune circuit handles chitin-rich diets in mammals.

Vocal learning linked to problem-solving skills

Explore the cognitive skills of vocal learners in North American birds.

Half of the glaciers vanish with 1.5 degrees of warming

The world's glaciers could lose as much as 40% of their mass by 2100.

Device for early detection of organ rejection

Bio-electronic implants detecting kidney transplant rejection early.

The role of Atlantification in declining Arctic sea ice

How does north Atlantic water influence the arctic ocean climate?

The relationship between greenhouse gas emissions and polar bear survival rates

How do greenhouse gas emissions affect polar bears?

Solar Orbiter found tiny jets could be the source of solar wind

Each jet lasts between 20 and 100 seconds, and expels plasma at around 100 km/s.

Scientists uncovered a previously unknown mechanism for protein degradation in cells

The mechanism degrades short-lived proteins that support brain and immune functions.

A living star likely to give clues to the mysterious origin of magnetars

Research team identified highly unusual star that may evolve into a magnetar.

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