Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Supercapacitors can help charge your laptop in a minute or your electric vehicle in 10

Charging Times Revolutionized: Breakthrough Discovery in Energy Storage

The fastest rate of natural CO2 rise over the last 50,000 years

A detailed chemical analysis of ancient Antarctic ice.

Brain-like computer from water and salt

Process information in the same medium as the brain.

Advancing gravitational wave detection: Probing neutron star and black hole collisions

Alerts can now be sent less than 30 seconds after detection.

Scientists built the most extensive and most detailed bird family tree to date

Computational tools fuel reconstruction of new and improved bird family tree.

How cells are ahead of the curve?

Cells prefer certain curvatures over others.

MIT sensor can detect harmful ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water

Found in many consumer products, these chemicals are linked to cancer and other health problems.

Chameleon-inspired tech 3D prints multiple colors from a single ink

This printing approach is capable of altering structural color during the printing process.

Study explains how soil traps carbon

New findings explain how soil sequesters plant-based carbon from the atmosphere.

Study explains the working of the ultrasonic warning sounds of Moths’ wings

The workings of the ultrasonic warning sounds produced by the wings of a species of moth have been revealed.

Trees struggle to ‘breathe’ due to climate change

They may no longer serve as a solution for offsetting humanity’s carbon footprint.

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