Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

UCLA-led advancement redefines Nobel Prize-winning technology

Improved imaging for small protein targets at 3 Å resolution.

Visualizing how electrons flow around sharp bends

Electrons take flight at the nanoscale.

Scientists assembled the genome sequences of nearly 300 varieties of potatoes

It is the most extensive collection of genome sequence data for the potato and its relatives to date.

Understanding how the cells work: Decoding the “highway code”

Phase separation and its impact on microtubule dynamics in +TIP networks.

Sci­en­tists develop fermionic quan­tum pro­ces­sor

A new type of quantum computer that uses fermionic atoms to simulate complex physical systems.

Electric stoves reduce climate emissions and hospitalizations

The transition from gas to electric cooking offers both climate and health benefits.

Theoretical evidence for a liquid-to-solid phase transition

Improved understanding of glassy dynamics could help scientists explain why a liquid behaves like a solid.

New classification method for HPV-associated head and neck cancers

HNSCC cases linked to HPV+ increase significantly.

Gaseous carbon dioxide can trigger explosive eruptions

The research offers a clearer picture of our planet’s deep internal dynamics and composition.

Unexpected killer of immune cells found

CD47 is a survival factor for T cells.

Unexpected mechanism of cancer cell spread discovered

GRP78/BiP: A stress-induced transcriptional regulator.

Solar shield tied to asteroid proposed as climate change solution

Tethered sun shield could allow cool the Earth.

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