Physical Review Letters

Physical Review Letters

Raising the energy state of an atom’s nucleus using a laser

Nuclear spectroscopy breakthrough could rewrite the fundamental constants of nature.

Enhancing ferromagnets for high-speed technology

Auto-oscillations and spin inertia in ferromagnets.

Exotic black holes: A byproduct of dark matter

The universe may have sprouted microscopic black holes with enormous amounts of nuclear charge.

Exploring uncharted territory in quantum devices

This promises advancements in quantum computing and sensing.

Direct measurement of reaction in neutron star binaries

The rate of this reaction plays a major role in informing models of XRBs.

Physicists excited atomic nuclei with laser

A breakthrough after decades.

A new method to characterize the properties of one of the four fundamental forces of nature

New Beta-Decay measurements in mirror nuclei pin down the weak nuclear force.

Study uses a coaxial ‘dish’ antenna to search for dark matter

First results from BREAD experiment.

IceCube observes seven exotic ‘ghost particles’

A new kind of astrophysical messenger.

Neutron star mergers: New physics signals

With implications for determining the true nature of dark matter.

Cooling positronium with laser light for the first time

First step towards a matter-antimatter system that emits laser-like gamma-ray light.

New design for significantly more efficient solar cells

Decisive breakthrough for rapid energy transfer.

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