PLOS Climate

PLOS Climate

Climate change could decrease life expectancy by half a year: study

A 1°C increase in global temperature reduces the average human lifespan by about five months and one week.

Sea otters may be key drivers of changes in California’s kelp forests

A blueprint for nature-based solutions that enhance coastal resilience to climate change.

771 endangered plant and lichen species threatened by climate change

Despite the risk, very few of these species have recovery plans that directly address climate change.

Human migration is most likely influenced by rising temperatures

Rising temperatures due to climate change are likely influencing human migration patterns, according to a new study by Rita Issa of University College London...

Climate change may significantly affect land where coffee is cultivated

Coffee is important to the economies of coffee producing regions. A study published in PLOS Climate by Doug Richardson at CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere,...

Moon dust could help protect the earth from climate change

Could space dust help protect the earth from climate change?

Study highlights the long-term negative impact of climate stress

Californian wildfire trauma associated with cognitive deficits and altered brain activity

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