Hidden brain changes in heart disease

Imaging guides safer treatment choices.

Air pollution can cause more signs of Alzheimer’s in the brain

PM2.5 Exposure linked to Alzheimer's Disease pathology in brain donors.

ED drugs may reduce Alzheimer’s risk

Alzheimer's disease risk and erectile dysfunction drugs.

Moderate radon exposure linked to higher stroke risk

Women's health initiative links radon exposure to stroke risk.

Rare sleep disorder more common than believed

Study on idiopathic hypersomnia prevalence and course.

Higher dementia risk linked to irregular sleep patterns

Sleep regularity index linked to dementia and brain volume changes.

Early life concussions linked to later cognitive decline

Twin study links brain injury to cognitive decline in older veterans.

Acid reflux drugs linked to Dementia

Long-term PPI use linked to increased Dementia risk.

Alzheimer’s disease: Loss of smell as an early warning sign

Smell tests could help identify people at risk for Alzheimer's.

Stroke risk higher in people with inflammatory bowel disease

Population-based study of stroke risk in IBD patients.

Genetic Link between alzheimer’s disease and Epilepsy

Epilepsy linked to increased risk of alzheimer's disease.

Women with prepregnancy migraine had a greater risk of complications

Migraine history may be marker of pregnancy complications.

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