Scientists built the most extensive and most detailed bird family tree to date

Computational tools fuel reconstruction of new and improved bird family tree.

Astronomers observed jets of matter being expelled 3X the speed of light

‘Cosmic Cannibals’ expel jets into space at 40% speed of light.

Healable cathode makes solid-state Li-S batteries a practical reality

Healable cathode could unlock the potential of solid-state lithium-sulfur batteries.

How insects tell sugars apart?

The sweet stuff.

Exploring the evolutionary source of genomic imprinting

RNA-mediated parent-of-origin effects driven by selfish conflict.

Compact chips could revolutionize navigation, communication, and more

New light-to-microwave converting tech shrinks a tabletop system into a chip-sized format.

Gamma rhythm stimulation: Clearing Amyloid in Alzheimer’s mice

A key brain rhythm with light and sound.

Astronomers observed oldest ‘dead’ galaxy yet

A galaxy that suddenly stopped forming new stars.

Astronomers detail the oscillation of our giant neighbor

‘Radcliffe Wave’ is waving.

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