Beef and dairy nutrient boosts immune response to cancer

Trans-vaccenic acid reprograms CD8+ T Cells for anti-tumor immunity.

Autoimmune link to tooth enamel damage in coeliac disease

Autoimmune amelogenesis imperfecta in APS-1 and coeliac disease patients.

Webb identified methane and water vapor in exoplanets’ atmosphere

Scientists can now start to perform an “apples-to-apples” comparison.

Yale researchers uncover the process of accurate RNA splicing

Structural exploration of intron catalysis and dynamics in the splicing process.

Scientists successfully printed a robotic hand with bones, ligaments, and tendons

Scientists have greatly expanded the possibilities of soft robotics.

An active stellar corpse shows signs of life after the star’s explosive death

With unprecedented flares, stellar corpse shows signs of life.

Potent anti-leukemia approach: Making immunotherapy safe for AML

Eliminating the leukemia, sparing healthy cells.

Water vapor, sulfur dioxide, and sand clouds detected in the exoplanet’s atmosphere

These particles reside within a dynamic atmosphere that exhibits vigorous transport of material.

Novel antifungal molecule safely kills fungi

Optimizing sterol extraction for kidney-friendly polyene antifungal.

A galaxy like the Milky Way found in the early universe

The discovery is expected to change at least two aspects of astronomy.

MIT physicists have trapped electrons in pure crystals

The results open the door to exploring superconductivity and other exotic electronic states in 3D materials.

Gemini North Telescope captured the eroding remains of dwarf galaxies

Astronomers using the Gemini North telescope have identified over 100 galaxies, giving insight into the transition of dwarf galaxies into ultra-compact dwarf galaxies.

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