Nature Nanotechnology

Using ‘Origami DNA’ to control virus assembly

A way to direct the assembly of virus capsids.

A scalable ferroelectric transistor for storage and computing

A new FE-FET design that demonstrates record-breaking performances in both computing and memory.

The ‘breath’ between atoms is a key building block for quantum technology

Vibration between two layers of atoms can be used to engineer quantum technologies.

MIT scientists innovated automatically thin transistors to make denser computer chips

A new low-temperature growth and fabrication technology could lead to denser and more powerful chips.

New technique to cool several nanoparticles simultaneously

A twin pack of cooled nanoparticles.

A new way of precisely controlling single electrons nestled in quantum dots

Discovery of previously unknown effects makes compact, ultra-fast control of spin qubits possible.

Positively charged nanomaterials reduce fat at targeted locations

Inhibiting the unhealthy lipid storage of enlarged fat cells.

A low-cost terahertz camera

The device provides greater sensitivity and speed than previous versions.

A single-molecule electret could be the keys to molecular computers

A step toward ever-smaller electronics.

Water that never freezes

Making ice cubes is a simple process: you take a plastic ice-cube tray like you'd find in most households, fill it with water, and...

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