Journal of Neuroscience

Learning difficulty gene directly affects memory, study finds

Reduced function of the gene in the brain results in loss of learning ability and memory.

Study unravels the complex relationship between brain connectivity and ADHD

New study demonstrates potential for improved prediction of ADHD symptoms in young patients.

Early mouse study shows Amnesia caused by head injury can be reversed

Memory loss attributed to head injury was not a permanent pathological event.

Study reveals brain processes involved in vision

How does the brain react and learn compared to being shown images which match what was predicted?

Scientists discovered the role of ATP in ovulation

Uncovering the role of ATP in ovulation suggests new treatment for infertility.

Restoring control to a brain region can help to prevent the use of opioids

Pyramidal neurons contribute to drug seeking in opioid use disorder.

Exploring the science behind the loss of smell in Parkinson’s patients

Impact of α-Synuclein Pathology on Olfaction in Parkinson's disease Mouse Model.

Astrocyte cells are critical for learning skilled movements, study

When astrocyte function is disrupted, neurons in the brain’s motor cortex struggle to execute the motion.

The brain might be trained to filter out background sound

Study of hearing in old and young mice suggests the brain might be trained to filter out background sound.

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