Sunday, May 28, 2023

Current Biology

Gorillas are more resilient than humans due to early life adversity

Young gorillas are resilient to losing their mothers.

Nonnative leaf-litter ants are replacing native ants

Leaf-litter ants are declining in Florida, increasing in nonnative ants.

Why we need female mice in neuroscience research?

Female mice exhibit more stable exploratory behavior than male mice.

Biodiversity loss caused ecological collapse after the “Great Dying”

Biodiversity loss could lead to ecological collapse.

Scientists have successfully recorded brain activity from freely moving octopuses

Scientists have figured out how to capture brain activity in octopuses.

Human-made noise impacts dolphins working simultaneously, study

Dolphins working collaboratively are less successful in the presence of sound generated by humans.

Study uncovers fruit fly circadian clock mechanisms

Regulating the sleep-wake cycle.

New study tracks cephalopod nervous system development

How big brains are made?

Single-celled organism uses internal ‘Computer’ to walk

The organism utilizes a complex walking motion.

Adult brain has the potential to recover from inherited blindness partially

Eye-opening discovery about adult brain’s ability to recover vision.

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