Current Biology

Bengal Cat Coats: Less wild than they look

Their appearance stems largely from domesticated cats.

Scientists identified some proteins that protect against antimicrobial peptides

The proteins that shield the body against its own immune attacks.

Brain’s translation of motivation into goal-oriented actions

Thalamo-striatal pathways encode motivated behavior distinctly.

Love leaves a mark on your brain, confirms science

Dopamine in nucleus accumbens reflects selective pair bonding.

The world’s fastest-swimming insect could inspire uncrewed boat designs

Whirligig beetles achieve surprising speeds.

Sleep might suffer with a bed partner

Investigating synchronization in sleeping mice.

Reindeer use multitasking to get enough sleep, according to study

A recent study published in the journal Current Biology reveals that reindeer use a unique multitasking approach to get enough sleep during the summer...

Cells behave differently in groups than when alone

RhoA pulses drive collective cell migration through actin polymerization.

Unlike other mammals, serotine bats engage in unique sexual behavior

A bat which lives in the UK has developed a novel way to reproduce.

Study deciphers the unexpectedly complex history of crocodiles

Scientists are peeling back the layers to find out how the surviving species came to be.

Toddlers use natural, logical thinking before they learn to speak

How toddlers can learn a new word through logical reasoning by eliminating alternatives?

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