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Is hydrogel the future of more convenient HIV treatment?

Creating long-lasting antiretroviral injectables with smart drug design.

Researchers develop world’s first non-toxic aluminium-ion battery

The new aluminum radical battery promises more sustainable power.

DNA folds into complex shapes

A simple and rapid method for detecting SARS-CoV-2 RNA.

New treatment targets both good and bad gut bacteria

Calcium tungstate microgel: A new hope for colitis treatment.

Color-changing material shows when medications get too warm

Structural color liquids can be used to indicate time-temperature changes.

Coffee with milk has an anti-inflammatory effect in humans

A combination of proteins and antioxidants doubles the anti-inflammatory properties in immune cells.

Simulating a cosmic evolution to study life origins

Scientists sought to explore how amino acids and amines may have formed.

A new mechanism for efficient conversion of carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide

Scientists designed new molecules, innovating a new pathway for CO2 conversion.

Scientists invent transistor helps to detect cancer cell marker

Epidermal growth factor receptor expression in breast cancer cell lines can be detected using a transistor.

Making stable aromatic molecules reactive with light

Reactions of this type are known as photochemical reactions.

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