Japan Invents World’s First Virtual Reality Shoes


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Virtual Reality these days becomes more realistic and immersive than we ever thought. As the name suggests, it introduces us to the virtual world. It is clear that the future of virtual reality (VR) is bright.

The Japan-based company Cerevo have developed the shoes that help the wearer feel the virtual reality. These shoes are the world’s first virtual reality shoes known as Taclim. Taclim is the world’s first virtual reality shoes and gloves, with built-in tactile devices for haptic feedback. It detects user movements as input and then translates them into VR action to real world haptic output.

The Taclim consists of a total of eight state-of-the-art tactile devices. Once haptic feedback is enabled for shoes and gloves, the user becomes engrossed. The inbuilt tactile devices can easily change the intensity of feedback. It can change the stepping on different ground in a VR space such as desert, grassland, water.

The 9-axis sensor inside Taclim captures movement to reflect actions in the VR space.

Specifications of this virtual reality shoes and gloves:

  • Sensors: 9 Axis
  • Number of Tactile Devices: 8 (Gloves 1×2, Shoes (3×2)
  • Size: Shoes: 290×100×140mm (W×D×H) and Gloves: 50×50×147mm (W×D×H)
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Approx 2 hours battery life
  • 3 Hours charging time

An overall experience for users of this gadget will include walking on different surfaces, kicking enemies on their way, sliding, skating and also feel the impact of all of this.

The company reported, Taclim will launch with two versions containing either Sub-GHz or BLE data connection modules.

Cerevo noted, “The release enhancement is scheduled for autumn this year, and the cost of a pair of these shoes range from $ 1 000 to $ 1 500.”

They also warned that it expects to realize Taclim in services and entertainment, rather than among ordinary users.

The company hopes that the Taclim will find itself in virtual rides, simulators for ski resorts and snowboarders.


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