An Interstellar Internet Network Could Take 300,000 Years to Build

True sci-fi territory!

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Sometimes, we get trouble in connecting to WiFi. It is far different from connecting the wider cosmos. But according to experts, such interstellar internet network could take almost 300,000 years to hook up.

According to researchers, stretching cables from planet to planet, we could flash light from our Sun out into the depths of space. It will like signaling with a hand in front of a flashlight.

Duncan Forgan, from the University of St Andrews, UK has studied a model that uses laser beams from Earth. They then interfere with the Sun’s rays and beaming out messages beyond the Solar System.

He said, “If we could find 500 other technologically advanced civilizations in the Milky Way, then a communications system stretching the length and breadth of the galaxy would take around 300,000 years to build.”

“If you want to communicate with someone on the other side of the galactic center, there’s lots of stuff in the way. Through this, so you can take a long way around using the network.”

“By this, even if we are not in the right place to receive signals from one particular planet, we could still get the message via several other systems first.”

But his work even has some limitations. It doesn’t take into account shifting planetary orbits over time. To achieve even these extremely long timelines it would probably need the participation of hundreds of alien civilizations in building nodes in the network.

Even with such indications, the model suggests an interesting approach to space. communication.

This interstellar internet network will make use of stars as the basis of the network. Thus, it can be used to conceal our planet as well as send messages into deep space.

Avi Loeb, from Harvard University, said, “Once a civilization is advanced enough to have the technology to build mega structures, it’s much more likely to leave its planet.”

“Each signal would take thousands of years to travel back and forth. In a cosmic time that may not be that long, but you need patience.”

In other words, this interstellar internet network will be the amazing thing we will ever get from the probes and rovers we’ve sent out into space.