How to stay healthy during rainy and winter season?

How to stay healthy during rainy and winter season?
How to stay healthy during rainy and winter season?

10 Simple health tips to stay healthy during the monsoon:

  1. Regular exercise for at least 30 minutes must be performed daily to prevent digestion problems and to stay fit. Also, sleep for 7-8 hours at night.
  2. Consume freshly prepared foods with many green and colored vegetables. Before cooking wash the vegetables with warm water to remove the dirt and pesticides.
  3. Wash the hands regularly to keep the bacteria and virus off from the hands by using the mild hand sanitizer. Stress should be avoided as it would make the person more susceptible to get cold, flu and other immunity diseases.
  4. House should be maintained cleanly by avoiding the water surrounding nearer to it and use the net on windows and doors to stop the mosquitoes and files. To avoid skin infections, boil neem leaves in water and take a bath with it.
  5. It is vital to drink enough purified water to keep the body clean and to kill the harmful micro-organisms. Avoid drinking coffee and practice to drink herbal tea.
  6. Always try to eat fresh fishes and avoid raw fish. Stomach infection can be caused by the consumption of fish which is not fresh. Also, quit smoking and alcohol intake.
  7. Increase the intake of bitter herbs as it contains medical properties which can prevent the body from infections. Intake zinc and vitamin D rich foods to avoid cold or flu.
  8. It is vital to evade the junk foods & outside foods and stop drinking the chilled drinks. Also, try to eliminate sugar based foods and dairy products during the rainy and winter season.
  9. Include more vitamin C fruits and vegetables in the daily diet to build resistance against infections. Drink a very little quantity of wine to increase the immunity of the body.
  10. Prepare and consume the daily food with green leafy vegetables, wheat, barley, ginger, garlic, onion and honey to stay healthy during this monsoon.