Holoflex: world’s first holographic flexible smartphone


Scientists recently have developed the Holoflex: the world’s first holographic flexible smartphones’. Without any kind of helmets, it allows the user to interface with 3D videos and images.

Holoflex is capable of interpreting 3D images with parallax and Stereoscopy to multiple users simultaneously without using any head tracking or glasses.

Roel Vertegaal, from Queens University in Canada, said, “Holoflex offers a completely new way of interacting with your smartphone. It allows for glasses-free interactions with 3D video and images in a way that does not encounter the user.”

The device furnishes images through 12-pixel circles. Then they are arranged in a 3D-printed micro- lens array. These micro- lens arrays are consists with above 16,000 fish eye lenses. The out coming image is moderate 160 by 104 resolution 3D image. This 160 by 104 resolution image permits the user to check 3D object from any angle simply by rotating the phone.

Holoflex is equipped with a bend sensor. This bend sensor allows the user to bend the phone as they want like moving objects. Holoflex can combine bending and flex the display as another type of control known as “Z-input”. When the Z-input at work it can be used in applications like 3D model editing. By using the touchscreen, the user can swipe to control objects in x and y-axis., while crushing the display to move objects along the Z-axis. Multiple users can determine the 3D model at the same time from their different point of view.

Vertegaal claimed, “By employing a depth camera, users can also perform holographic video conference with each other.”

“The user literally appears out of the screen and can even look at each other with their faces rendered correctly from any angle to any onlooker.”

This Holoflex can also be used for gaming. For example, in a game of angry birds, the user would be able to bend the side of the display to pull the elastic rubber band that propels the bird. And the amazing thing in this is, when the bird flies out of the screen, the holographic display makes the bird appear out of the screen in 3D.

Specifications of Holoflex:

  • Type: Holographic flexible smartphone.
  • Processor: 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processors.
  • Memory: 2GB.
  • Operating System: Android 5.1
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