This is How Happiness Influence Physical Health

A new review indicates that subjective well-being factors such as life satisfaction and enjoyment of life -- can influence physical health.


Happiness is what that everyone wants. It doesn’t come in the form of things, but in the form of emotional satisfaction and in how you see life. Although there are various studies that tell various benefits of happiness. A new review indicates that subjective well-being factors such as life satisfaction, enjoyment of life and happiness influence physical health.

Scientists examined the reasons behind it. They also observed conditions where it is most likely to occur.

Subjective well-being like happiness influences physical health via health behaviors, as well as through the immune and cardiovascular systems. Although scientists still are exploring and debating when happiness most affects health, there is no doubt that it can do so.

According to scientists, with further research, it could one day be informative for clinicians to monitor individuals’ subjective well-being just as other factors are currently assessed.

They suggest, by developing happy mental habits, individuals also can take responsibility for their health.

Prof. Ed Diener, co-author of the Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being article said, “We now have to take very seriously the finding that happy people are healthier and live longer, and that chronic unhappiness can be a true health threat.”

“People’s feelings of well-being join other known factors for health, such as not smoking and getting exercise. Scores of studies show that our levels of happiness versus stress and depression can influence our cardiovascular health, our immune system strength to fight off diseases, and our ability to heal from injuries.”

This is How Happiness Influence Physical Health
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Other benefits of Happiness:

Happiness can you more successful:

You might have considered that success makes you happy, but as reported by psychologists, happy individuals are successful across multiple life domains, including marriage, friendship, income, work performance, and health.

People who have positive emotions are also more trusting which allows for more creative and beneficial negotiations.

Creates optimistic outlook:

It makes you have a positive attitude that makes life easier eases the pain, sadness, and grief. In addition, your happiness also creates a positive influence on your loved ones. It because of happy energy, that is contagious and affects one another.

Protects your Heart:

Happiness may not actually originate in the heart, but it is actually good for it. The happier ones were less likely to have developed coronary heart disease. They also tend to have great immunity.

Makes performance better at the workplace:

In the workplace, happy teams communicate, cooperate and perform better. They have higher productivity, are better corporate citizens, take fewer days off, and change jobs less often.

Happy people are regarded as more physically attractive, more intelligent and competent, more friendly, warm and assertive, and less selfish.


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