Frozen Brains Will Be ‘Woken Up’ And Placed In Donor Bodies By 2020

Prof. Sergio Canavero In an exclusive interview with OOOM magazine, the medical pioneer announces the facts.


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Medical science field has got various major advances in recent years. Thus, it hard to believe that something is impossible. For example, AI, real life cyborgs comes as a new treatment. Additionally, the new breakthroughs are still on the way.

Before 4 years, a neurosurgeon, Sergio Canavero, Director of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group announced his plan to complete the world’s first human head transplant. And recently in an interview with OOOM, he confirmed that the controversial operation will take place within the next 10 months.

In other words, his idea is to bring people back from the dead by transplanting their brains into donor bodies. He reported the operation will happen in Harbin, China, with Xiaoping Ren of Harbin Medical University leading the surgical team.

Professor Canavero told Ooom, “We will try to bring the first of the company’s patients back to life, not in 100 years. As soon as the first human head transplant has taken place, i.e. no later than 2018, we will be able to attempt to reawaken the frozen brains.”

“We are currently planning the world’s first brain transplant, and I consider it realistic that we will be ready in three years at the latest.”

“A brain transplant has many advantages. First, there is barely any immune reaction, which means the problem of rejection does not exist.”

“The brain is, in a manner of speaking, a neutral organ. If you transplant ahead with vessels, nerves, tendons and muscles, rejection can pose a massive problem. This is not the case with the brain.” 

The operation will be done only when the body is legally dead. Once legally dead, the process should begin within two minutes of heart stopping. Body packed in ice and injected with chemicals to reduce blood clotting under -130-degree celsius.

At the cryonics facility, it is cooled to just above OC and the blood is replaced with a solution to preserve organs. The body is injected with another solution to stop ice crystals forming in organs and tissues, then cooled to – 130C. The final step is to place the body into a container which is lowered into a tank of liquid nitrogen at – 196C.

While doing the process, there is also some physical and psychological issues after putting a brain in a different body.

Canavero said, “What may be problematic, is that no aspect of your original external body remains the same.”

“Your head is no longer there; your brain is transplanted into an entirely different skull. It creates a new situation that will certainly not be easy.”

Scientists believe that the technology to carry out the world’s first head transplant will be in place by the end of the year, they are still seeking a suitable donor body.


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