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Friendship Play a Vital Role in Helping People Get Through Substantial Challenges in Life

A human being is a social being. He or she always needs someone to share his joys and sorrows. Thus, he/she needs a friend to share everything about himself/ herself. It has been said that Friendship is the most wonderful relationship that anyone can have. It makes life sweet and pleasant.

It plays a vital role in everyone’s life. While the true benefits of friendships can’t ever be measured. A new study also found a major benefit of friendship.

The study suggests that Friendships play a vital role in helping people to overcome substantial challenges in life. It provides long-term statistical evidence of the enormous benefit these valued social relationships have on adults.

This new conducted by Dr. Rebecca Graber, University of Brighton Senior. He involved 185 adults through online social networking sites, university events, and community organizations.

Graber said, “The study provides long-term statistical evidence, for the first time, of the vital role of these valued social relationships for developing resilience in a community-based adult sample, while posing open questions for just how best friendship facilitate resilience in this way.”

He asked participants to complete assessments on psychological resilience, best friendship quality, coping behaviors, and self-esteem. Almost 75 adults completed the questionnaire round. Participants then completed the same assessments one year later, to see how best friendship quality had affected resilience processes over this period.

He said, “Best friendships are a protective mechanism supporting the development of psychological resilience in adults. But the mechanisms for this relationship remain unclear.”

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