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Making electricity in free by air is just like fantasy. But a dealer and earlier scientist Lord Dressen present this kind of technology: Freevolt Technology at Royal Institute, London. He claims that this Freevolt technology uses whims presents in the air that can charge some devices which take low power like sensors, etc. This technology mainly uses 4G and radio digital television signals. Lord Dressen said, “This is first technology in the world which does not need a large mould or it does not need a large production of electricity. This recycles those power which remains out of common use.” The Freevolt technology was first presented at Royal Institute, London. Royal Institute is that institute where Michal Friday was working on Electrical Magnetism in the 19h century.


  • Lord Dressen first shows that how much radio frequency present in that hall and after that he uses Freevolt for playing loudspeaker.
  • They present it can create enough electricity required for a Personal Pollution Monitor Clean Space Tag.
  • This is made in Pollution Monitor Dressen Technologies campaign to reforming air and providing news about the percentage of pollution presents in the air.
  • A battery is included inside it which is charge through the Freevolt medium.

In future, this technology will be use at places like supermarkets where preparation is going on next available services over the internet.

For more information please visit http://getfreevolt.com

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