Nowadays, pollution is expanding day by day due to increase in the usage of vehicles. Various researchers are finding the gainful solution to overcome this issue. ‘Toroidion’ means ‘Toro’ the electric supercar designed, developed and build entirely in-house at Finland. The Torodion all new electric powertrain were launched on 16 April 2015 at Top Marques Monaco by H. S. H Prince Albert II of Monaco. Torodian has various mind blowing features like Scalable performance, lightweight components, safe for driver and service engineer, lightweight high-performance batteries, rapid battery swap, ideal for running around town or racing around the track. Developers said it’s price has not been set yet but could range between $1.5 million to $3.5 million.

Here are some Specifications of Toroidion:

  • Toroidion 1 MW is fully Electric based car. It has four individual four direct drive motor embedded with 1,341 horse power engine.
  • Toroidion has more speed than other cars. It can cross 400-kilo meter in 11 seconds per hour. Once it gets fully charged, it can cross 500-kilo meter.
  • Because of Gal-wing doors, front side and baronet it gets present day look.
  • The developers claim that there will not much expenditure on the management of ‘Toroidion’.
  • Toro is fully filled with lots of peculiarities. Still instead of knowing by luxury car, the company wants to know it by like a normal car.
  • It has been expanded with All-Green-Technology. It can also charge on the mediocre power outlet.