Here’s why you feeling busy all the time


Most of us are struggling with time management problem. But, are we really getting busy or just feeling busy? According to leading theory, changing in lifestyle instead of working over time, that is to blame. Many studies suggest that the majority of us are working fewer hours than we used to, and taking more holidays too. So what’s going on?

Still, there is not a definite answer. Actually, we now largely depend on technology for both personal and professional use. Thus, we see things hectic even when they are not. The stunning amount of information, an ‘always-on’ attitude, and the way smartphones keep us connected to one another around the clock are all reasons for why we can’t relax as much as we should.

According to the UK 2012 report, Technology brings lots of benefits to us. But it also causes overloaded information, blurred boundaries between work and non-work time. Thus, it enables more complex monitoring and control of employees.

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That’s why we feel like we are working even when we aren’t.

Aoife McLoughlin, a psychologist from James Cook University’s Singapore, conducted a research last year. She concludes, “Using modern gadgets actually makes time appear to go by faster.”

“It’s complex that we trying to act according to technology and being fast and effective. It seems like there’s something about the technology itself that prepare us to increase that pacemaker inside of us that measures the passing of time.”

Having too much relaxation options make us feel like we got less relaxation time. It all depends on the mystery of choice. Having too many options appear as a good time. It can actually create anxiety.

We think, being busy leads to success and fulfillment in this competitive era. Thus, we’re more likely to fill our time to show others that we are following the right path. And, we prefer to be busy.

According to Tony Crabbe, time management author, feeling busy manifests infinite world. The pressure to ultimately get through both an infinite amount of work and an infinite amount of relaxation options makes us feel more pressured and harassed than ever before.

Although, there is also the truth: when was the last time you realised you’d dealt with everything in your inbox and listened to everything on Spotify?

Experts showed in last century, “we’d all be working much fewer. Thanks to technological advancements. But the arrival of the internet, robots and algorithms don’t seem to have reduced our workload just yet.”
Maybe they have noticed, and we just haven’t.