Family Fun May Be Best For Your Families


Although, having fun and laughing together with family is a very healthy thing to do. Having family fun helps you and everyone else to feel better. However, family fun is associated with new and exciting activities.

According to the new study held by Baylor University scientists, it is the most effective route to happiness. The research suggests that having quality time together contributes to satisfaction with family life.

Professor Karen K. Melton said, “That may be because when the brain is focusing on processing new information — such as taking part in an unfamiliar activity with unfamiliar people in a new location — less ‘brain power’ is available to focus on the family relationships.”

She said, “The best predictor of happiness for families may be spending quality time together in familiar activities inside the home. And that’s great news for families who have little time or few resources.”

Scientists used a sample of 1,502 individuals in 884 families in the United Kingdom. Each family unit taking part in the online research. They had at least one child between the ages of 11 and 15. Participants answered questions about whether they took part in family leisure in the past year and, if so, what activities they did, how much time they spent doing them and how frequently they did so.

Melton said, “Family members also can express stress and conflict as well as pleasure during leisure time. The activities alone will not heal the scars of hurting families.”

The family that plays together stays together generally has two misconceptions: 1. all family fun brings positive results. 2. All family activities are equal.

Some families prefer eating together as one of the best predictors while watching TV. It is considered ineffective for an individual’s happiness or family function. But families should question one-size-fits-all notions.

Melton said, “For some families, quality togetherness is having dinner together or playing games. For others, it may be hobbies, videos or TV, music. At the end of the day, what matters is that we are social beings who crave a sense of belonging and connectivity.”


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