Facebook Launches New Event App For Event Seekers


Yesterday, Facebook have released the mobile app for finding local happenings to enjoy with friends. Actually, this event app is tailored for iPhones to hit Apple’s online shop. Now, this is coming with a version “coming soon” for smartphones powered by Google-backed Android software.

Facebook already has a mobile app for the social network, as well as Messenger and WhatsApp messaging programs. Both of the apps have more than 3 million users.

The Event app is a stand-alone spin on a section at the leading online social network. It allows people to share plans about concerts, poetry slams, plays or other types of events they are interested in attending. It also allows people to browse for happenings based on factors. For example, location or interest, and to explore potential routeing options with the help of interactive maps.

Koolwal said, “When you open Event app, you can quickly catch up on new events your friends are interested in, recently-announced events by the Pages you like, and updates from events you’re already connected to.”

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According to analysis, above 100 million people daily use Facebook’s section. They used to discover activities they can take part in with friends.

Plans in Events will be organised on the basis calendar. Then it will share back to Facebook friends.

Although, facebook always try to keep updated people by building a family of mobile applications to stay tuned into modern lifestyles. Facebook also owns photo and video sharing app Instagram, which reported earlier this year that it topped 500 million users.

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