Epione: Personal massager on the go

Researchers from Wellscare with extensive experience in low-laser therapy has created the pain reliever of the future. Wellscare has already proven its effectiveness in fat reduction and other treatments. Now they introduced ‘Epione’.

It is a compact device to relieve pain on the go. Epione is simple and stylish which fits in with your modern lifestyle. However, it would be your everyday companion that you can take anywhere with you.

In our busy schedules, we do not even realize the pain sometimes. When the body pain occurs you find yourself surrounded by people or the workload. However, you can use this device for any aching or painful areas anywhere. Such as your wrist, leg, shoulder, or joints.

You can use it at any time such as during your physical activity, at home, at the office, during errands, etc. If you are a sports enthusiast, a house maker, or office employee, it empowers you to massage and soothe your muscles anytime and anywhere.

The Epione device weighs only 28 grams or less than 1 ounce. Its design is compact with a diameter of the length of 2 quarters side by side. This pain reliever of the future is cost effective and saves your time you spend at a spa. It is available for you 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Epione charging Cradle
Epione charging Cradle

The Epione is rechargeable and can be charged via a charging cradle.

It utilizes the 100 years old trustable light therapy massage (LTM) technology. The LTM offers pain- and stress-free massage. Also, it has no side-effects and no drugs used. Epione emits light in very specific therapeutic wavelengths (680nm + 830nm).

It is designed with three modes as LTM mode, Vibration mode, and Rhythmic Vibration mode. In LTM mode you just need to simply press and hold the button for 2 seconds for light therapy.

Epione Specifications
Epione Specifications

Whereas in Vibration mode, simply click the button a second time to access vibration mode. It will add vibration for massage. The third is the Rhythmic Vibration mode where you need to click the button a third time to initiate rhythmical vibrations mode.

There will be some disadvantages such as getting sticky, needing regular replacement, collecting dirt, and limiting movement. Since it relieves pain in seconds you can ignore these disadvantages.

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