Elon Musk shared first glimpse of SpaceX’s finished Starship test vehicle

The first test version of SpaceX's Starship.


SpaceX has completed the development of Starship for its very first test flight ever and Elon Musk took Twitter to share the picture.

Posting on Twitter, he announced that the spaceflight company’s test version of the Starship dubbed the “hopper,” has just finished being assembled at SpaceX‘s launch site in Boca Chica Village, Texas.

Formerly known as the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR), the Starship vehicle is a fully reusable vehicle designed to take humans and supplies to Mars and also to dramatically cut travel time within Earth. It will be used for suborbital vertical take-off tests, which will be similar to ones it completed for the Falcon 9 back in 2013.

The Starship is SpaceX’s new class of super-heavy launch vehicle that will replace the company’s current crop of products and will allow for potential missions around the Moon and to Mars. An orbital version of the Starship will be taller, have thicker skins to avoid wrinkling, and a smoother nose.

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