Elon Musk Reveals Photos of His New Futuristic Vehicle Concept

A flat plate on wheels propelled by an electric motor.


Elon Musk’s travel company, called Boring Company, has unveiled pictures of its futuristic vehicle. This latest revelation is another one of Musk’s advanced transportation concept aimed to innovate the way we travel and commute. The futuristic vehicle is nothing but an underground bus that will one day take to the tunnels and travel at high speeds under the cities.

In actual, this futuristic vehicle looks like a futuristic communal vehicle as depicted from the recently released photos. These are passenger vehicles that can fit multiple people standing or sitting. The vehicle also appears to be made of a glass enclosure and shaped like a minibus.

Elon Musk Reveals Photos of His New Futuristic Vehicle Concept
Image credit: The Boring Company

Just a month ago, Musk released a video of his Boring Company’s futuristic transportation tunnel. A subterranean system ferries cars to different locations at a top speed of 200 km/h. Similarly, the company tested this vehicle at 125 mph or 201 km/h.

It was shown to follow the same transporting procedures as ordinary cars, where the vehicle would drive onto an in-situ skate above ground and is transferred down to the underground infrastructure via an elevator. This futuristic vehicle exactly looks like a regular car, this technologically advanced communal vehicle is large enough to accommodate bicycles too. And, the most fascinating is, it is self-driving too.

Musk called this vehicle as an electric sled. In short, it is a flat plate on wheels propelled by electric motors. Musk believes that the diameter of the Boring tunnel can be greatly reduced resulting in an overall reduction of the construction cost. It can carry multiple payloads like automobiles, goods, and people. Because sustainability is one of the biggest focus of Musk’s technology, the electric sleds are also, of course, zero-emission vehicles.

Currently, nobody is sure if there is any concrete plan for this futuristic vehicle as there are no strong information about its being apart from the photos released in the Boring Company’s website.

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