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An Electric Bus That Can Charge In 15 Seconds

According to analysis, daily consumption of petrol/diesel in India is 3,660,000 barrels that are equals to 581940000 litres. India pays more than 8 lakh crore per year for importing crude oil. Annually, there is 70% of diesel and 99.6% of petrol use in India. And Indian Government wants to reduce these numbers. They are planning to convert diesel based vehicles into the electric vehicles. Swiss power and automation technology group ABB have developed a new electric bus. India has plans to convert 1.2 lakhs diesel based buses into electric buses.

The most amazing feature of this electric bus is that it gets charge within 15 seconds. It charges through a high-power charging contact at the various bus terminals through its controlled moving overhead arm. The bus gets charge under 5 minutes. It can aid to save up to 1,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions ever year.

Now, the company is planning to launch this electric bus in India by this December. This new line of electric buses will soon replace the diesel buses in Geneva with flash-charging connection technology. It almost takes less than a second to connect the bus to the charging point at 13 bus stops with a 600-kilowatt power boost.

Ulrich Spiesshofer said, “We are working with potential customers all around the globe and India is definitely the target market for sustainable transport.”

“We look at India at a long-term perspective. India has steep ambitions for electric vehicles till 2030 and altogether we are a long-term partner,” he added.

The bus doesn’t waste time as the onboard batteries while passengers are boarding and de-boarding the bus. The system of the bus is safe as the voltage release when the bus connects for charging at the bus stations. If anyone climbs up on the bus station, he won’t get any electric shock.

Global Product Specialist for rail and urban transportation at ABB, Bruce Warner said, “The idea is to utilise the bus station space by using it as charging points and operate them at par with the diesel fleet.”

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The company has now tie-up with Volvo buses, which operates in 13 different cities across the country.

ABB India Managing Director Sanjeev Sharma said, “The Union government has agreed to his request for operating the electric buses with flash-charging facility on a pilot basis. Mr Gadkari had said that ticket fares can be halved on electric buses. ? It can be charged at night when excess electricity available at as low as Rs.3.5 per unit equivalent to one litre of fuel which may range between Rs. 50-60.”

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