Demographics can help discover migrants to Canada at high risk of TB

Identifying groups at highest risk of developing TB based on demographic characteristics at the time of landing.


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Demographic qualities can help distinguish gatherings of immigrants in Canada at high danger of tuberculosis (TB). In a new study published in CMAJ(Canadian Medical Association Journal), scientists sought to identify groups at highest risk of TB based on demographic characteristics when immigrating to Canada.

TB rates expanded with more older age at the time of immigration, with individuals matured 65 years and more established having the most noteworthy rates. Individuals who emigrated from districts with most astounding TB frequency had TB rates in Canada in excess of 21 times that of individuals originating from locales with the least TB occurrence.

Dr. James Johnston of the University of British Columbia said, “Screening latent TB infection based on demographic factors at the time of immigration is a necessary first step toward eliminating TB in migrants to Canada.”

“Our study adds to the understanding of long-term TB incidence in migrant populations in Canada by showing that rates remain elevated up to two decades after migration.”

The authors suggest that latent TB screening and treatment may be a practical and high impact, and will help reduce TB incidence in some high-risk groups.


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