DC 31: A hand-held vacuum cleaner that runs on “World’s Fastest Motor”

DC 31: A hand-held vacuum cleaner that runs on “World’s Fastest Motor”

Sir James Dyson has developed a hand-held vacuum cleaner DC31 which runs on “the world’s fastest motor”, ten times faster than a Boeing 747 Aircraft engine.

Produced by a British inventor, the DC31 is the latest in a long- line of vacuums. It is the first ever domestic appliance to incorporate a digital switched reluctance motor, which Dyson called that, “World’s fastest motor, by a large stretch.”

The motor turns ten times faster than a commercial Aircraft, five times faster than a Formula1 engine and double faster than the most powerful industrial milling machines at 104,000 revolutions per minute.

The DC31 vacuum cleaner having the weight of 2.2lb which works on rechargeable battery. It is developed for wiping up the mess from tables after having meal/ mealtimes and cleansing the inside of cars.

Sir James believes that “Not just only in vacuums, its engine will being used in the larger scale of products soon.” It is already used by Ultra- powerful hand drying machines, which is used in hotel and airport’s dressing rooms. They can end up in other daily home appliances like electric cars, food blenders, toasters and hair dryers.

The DC31 is cooler than your average vacuum cleaner. Actually, it is much than most tech, period. The glass grey and the brilliant blue hedge is strong but have light weight. The handle and trigger feel like fleshy and well balanced. The nozzles for getting down the side of sofas have a satisfying clunk- click to them.

There are the choices of two levels of powers: the standard will give you 6-10 min of good suction. But, in case, if you push the 65AW button on the back, you will get around 6 min of power for a compact vacuum.

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Sir James Said, “I wouldn’t rule it at all. This is very scalable technology. We are in the business of making efficient and electric motors and that is what desperately what cars need.”

DC31 features:

  • Dual power mode
  • Lithium-ion battery pack
  • Lightweight design


  • Powerful
  • Very simple design
  • One touch waste compartment emptying